Around the World Trip
East bound  2021

 John R. Bone, in his trusty Cirrus SR22, N140BV, has launched on an eastbound “around the world flight”. Departing from Apalachicola, FL, stop in Canada and then fly on to Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, the Netherlands and then to Kaliningrad, Russia. From Kaliningrad, the flight will zig zag across Russia stopping at General Aviation Airports and visiting with Russian General Aviation Pilots. More than 13 stops are planned to cover 6,550 kt miles in just Russia.

The purpose of the flight is to meet, document, and photograph Russian General Aviation Pilots and their aircraft.  And to promote goodwill between the US and Russian pilots.

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 Alaska – Russia  2019

In 2019, John R. Bone, along with his wife Sherry, competed a flight from Apalachicola, FL to  Provideniya Bay, Russia via Alaska. The flight was part of an Alaska Airman’s Association  “goodwill flight” from Alaska to Provideniya Bay, Russia to promote goodwill and trade  between the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region and Alaska.

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Forgotten Coast Flyers

Around the World Trip

West bound 2017

In 2017, John R. Bone completed a westbound circumnavigation in his 2011 Cirrus SR22,  N140BV. The flight originated in Apalachicola, Fl, took 53 days, covered over 21,000 kt miles  visiting 12 countries. The longest leg was from Merced, CA to Maui, a distance of 2,156 kt  miles with a flying time of 13 hrs and 16 minutes.


“Not only must a man know how his plane is made, what it will do, how it must be cared for; but also – to mention only a few of the rules that govern him – what the ceiling of his plane is, whether it will go high enough to clear any elevation on the route; what the gas capacity is, how far it will carry him; what points he can reach for refueling; how to navigate through a signless sky; where he will land for the night; where he can get emergency repairs; what weather conditions he may meet on his way; what equipment he should carry in case of a forced landing.  All of this he must know before he can win that freedom of a bird, before he can follow that straight line he has drawn on the map.”Anne Morrow Lindbergh “North to the Orient” 1935