A flying trip across Russia would not be complete without a swim in the Volga River. My host for this historic event is none other than the famous Sea Plane designer and Test Pilot for AeroVolga; Dmitriy Suslakov. His latest masterpiece, the Boery. A two-place, Rotax-powered amphibious LSA (light sport aircraft). An avid fly fisherman, Dmitriy made sure that there was ample room for fishing and camping gear in the Boery, something missing in many LSA’s. Along with two of AeroVolga’s twin-engine amphibious aircraft, the L-8, a team of pilots and engineers flew the three aircraft, including the Boery around the world westbound in 2018. A pretty serious test of capability. Many thanks to Sergey Alafinov and Dmitriy Suslakvo for hosting me at AeroVolga https://AeroVolga.com located at the Krasnyi Airport (UWWQ), Samara, Russia.