Day 4 in Newfoundland

Day 4 in St Johns Newfoundland. VFR morning, ready to go but icing forecasted between here and New Brunswick. Sporty weather here the rest of the day.

YYT [St Johns Intl]
TAF: TAF AMD CYYT 160806Z 1608/1706 22007KT P6SM
FM161400 08010G20KT 1SM -SN BKN007 OVC020
TEMPO 1614/1617 5SM -SN OVC020
FM161700 07035G50KT 1/2SM SN BLSN VV005
BECMG 1622/1624 34040G55KT
FM170200 29025G40KT 3/4SM -SN BLSN VV007

Back to the Pub, will try again tomorrow….

Flight cancelled for today

Today’s flight from CYYT to KPSM cancelled again due to high winds. Try again tomorrow, Dec 16.

Nice Flying Weather here in Newfoundland

CYYT [St Johns Intl]
TAF: TAF CYYT 131739Z 1318/1418 13019G31KT 1/8SM -RA -DZ FG VV001
TEMPO 1318/1401 3SM BR OVC004
FM140100 17025G35KT 1SM SHRA BR OVC003
FM140500 23020G30KT P6SM BKN030 BKN100
FM141200 22024G45KT P6SM FEW040
FM141500 22024G45KT P6SM FEW025

Leg 14 completed

Leg 14 completed: I knew that the leg from Santa Maria, Azores to St. Johns, Newfoundland would be challenging and I was not disappointed. A beautiful flyover of the Azores for sure but crossing a pair of cold fronts resulted in heavy rain for several hours and headwinds up to 50kts at 8,000′. Ground speed dropped to 107kts at one point. So much for west bound tailwinds…. Fortunately the temps stayed around 3C so icing was not an issue until approaching St Johns. Flight time was 10hrs 5mins to cover the 1,450 kt miles. St Johns weather was 600 overcast, 0 degrees C with light rime ice.

If the weather improves a little bit here in Newfoundland tomorrow morning, leg 15 will be underway to Portsmith, NH to clear customs and then the final leg to Apalachicola, FL Friday.

Passing Mt. Pico

Passing Mt Pico, Azores north westbound to Newfoundland

Today’s flight from St. John’s, Newfoundland

Today’s flight from St. John’s, Newfoundland cancelled. Wind currently gusting to 46kts. Too windy to open the hangar doors at the FBO and severe turbulance reported at 4,000’.

Got the scoop from Scoop to head to the Murray Premises on George Street. Will try again tomorrow. KAAF on Saturday, maybe…

Spectacular Flight

What a spectacular flight today. Passing over the coast of Italy then right over Sardina, Menorca, Mallorca, with snow capped mountains, and then the coast of Spain. Hopefully I got some great video.

Overnight in Jerez, Spain. What a scenic town in the heart of the Spanish wine country. Today is a holiday here and the town is packed with the Christmas market in full swing.

Tomorrow is leg 13 with the crossing to Santa Maria, Azores; 930 kt miles, 6 hrs 38 mins. Have a day or more of down time there waiting for a couple of cold fronts to pass through the North Atlantic before departing to Newfoundland so hope to put together some more videos from the flights.