Fredericton NB

Tomorrow, Dec 20: CYYT-KORF-KAAF. Should be in 1800 lcl. Ready to wrap this up.

Last night at the Snooty Fox: Fredericton NB.


Expected to depart in 6 hours 47 minutes

Hanging out in New Brunswick

Hanging out in New Brunswick; finally made it out of Newfoundland but was only able to get as far south as Fredericton, New Brunswick. Now waiting for icing conditions over Maine to move out, could be a couple of days. Many thanks to Capital Air for making room in their hangar for me.

Day 5 in St. Johns, Newfoundland

Day 5 in St. Johns, Newfoundland. Enroute icing conditions between Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have me grounded again today. Plus, the 45 day Special Flight Permit that allowed use of the 100 gallon ferry tank in the cabin expired yesterday and it requires a physical inspection by a DAR to renew. Not worth the trouble to renew so spending today removing the system.

Forecast looks good for tomorrow!

Day 4 in Newfoundland

Day 4 in St Johns Newfoundland. VFR morning, ready to go but icing forecasted between here and New Brunswick. Sporty weather here the rest of the day.

YYT [St Johns Intl]
TAF: TAF AMD CYYT 160806Z 1608/1706 22007KT P6SM
FM161400 08010G20KT 1SM -SN BKN007 OVC020
TEMPO 1614/1617 5SM -SN OVC020
FM161700 07035G50KT 1/2SM SN BLSN VV005
BECMG 1622/1624 34040G55KT
FM170200 29025G40KT 3/4SM -SN BLSN VV007

Back to the Pub, will try again tomorrow….

Flight cancelled for today

Today’s flight from CYYT to KPSM cancelled again due to high winds. Try again tomorrow, Dec 16.