While en route from Iqaluit, Nunavut to Reykjavik, Iceland the Electroair electronic ignitions system partially failed causing a rough running engine. Not what you want over the North Atlantic.   Parts are on the way and should be here Friday, July 9th.  

Omar Bjarnason is the technical manager at Flugverk elf and has been very helpful in looking after the plane and getting the repairs done.  If you plan to fly the North Atlantic make sure that you have Omar’s contact info available in case something goes wrong. Reykjavik is a wonderful town and a great place to break down!

After 5 days in Iqaluit, Nunavut N140BV finally made it across Greenland at landed at Reykjavik, Iceland. Approximately 1,200 kt miles with a flight time of 7hrs 40 min.  Icing levels around Iqaluit hover right around 2,500’ so it takes the right day to go. Crossing Greenland is spectacular but had to climb to 17,000’ to clear about 300 miles of icing there. Engine running rough again so down for maintenance in Reykjavik.

Crossing the Greenland Ice Cap.

Found a great place to visit while my Cirrus awaits parts